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Inspired by Ruby
The Everyday Corset

In my work I am inspired by the idea that at any one time in history garments were produced utilising the most up to date technology available. This is apparent from earliest times though we mostly think of it especially in terms of the 19thC.

The need for a modern and effective garment came to my attention for two reasons:

1). In all my experience I have never seen anything that would alter the figure as a traditionally constructed corset will do.

2). A traditional corset is not particularly suitable or appropriate for wearing under a modern woman’s everyday wardrobe, or office clothes!

It is this problem that I set out to answer.

Many types of garment exist that will smooth and mildly shape the silhouette. I did not want to produce an effect that had already been achieved – I needed to produce a modern corset. A corset will produce a marked difference the shape of the wearer.

A traditional corset re-defines the body and the resulting reduction in waist measurement of up to 5” will always be its greatest appeal.

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inspired by ruby
A garment that will change women’s lives
- and the way women everywhere see themselves.

Image The Everyday CorsetMade from lightweight materials and innovative technology it will decrease the waist and flatten the stomach in the same way that a traditional corset would as is available at a much reduced price.

This item brings together advances in technology for the benefit of all women wishing to boost their self esteem and enjoy an improved and sexy shape without resorting to surgery, or fad dieting; an improvement and incentive to achieve change by more realistic means.

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Inspired by Ruby
Helping women to maintain a healthy and attractive physique

Image The Everyday CorsetThe materials used in the making of the INSPIRED BY RUBY - Everyday Corsets are made to the specifications of the Designer – VICTORIA WHITELAND. Materials that will maximise control to enable the new corset design to work effectively on the body.

Our Grandmothers knew that wearing corsetry will mould and reshape the figure naturally, supporting the flesh without allowing it to sag. A properly fitted, well constructed corset will give gentle support to the muscles of the stomach and lumbar region, an additional benefit to the wearer.

The INSPIRED BY RUBY - Everyday Corset will achieve all of these benefits yet is constructed of only light, breathable fabrics and lightweight supporting structure. It is constructed to achieve maximum body contouring effect and is attractive, designed to be viewed and can be worn as an outer garment when desired.

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inspired by ruby
A corset that women can wear whenever they wish

It is a garment that will produce a pleasing effect on any occasion or under any style of dress.


My personal wish is to prove them to be reliable and an asset to women everywhere.
Victoria Whiteland.

You can now purchase the Everyday Corset from VictoriaWhiteland.com

Everyday Corset website : www.everydaycorset.com
Inspired by Ruby website: www.inspiredbyruby.com