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Victoria Whiteland Corset Designer
Victoria Whiteland - Corset Designer

Utilising the remarkable power and passion of corsetry to bring positive change.

Over 18 years of specialist experience in corsetry design.

Victoria's elegant and modern corsetry creates lasting results for everyone.  Her design service includes a repertoire of over 100 of her own corset styles.
Daily body shaping solutions; designed to achieve and maintain physical beauty and allure.
Providing effective results for posture, back and muscle support - designed to counter the effects of ageing and stress on the body, and achieve lasting physical comfort.

Working to achieve significant changes for her customers, the needs of the human body are of great importance; informing her styling and tailoring techniques, while care and attention to customers’ wishes help to perfect and complete the ideal.

A unique and sophisticated range that encompasses practical, daily garments, and beautiful shape enhancing gowns.

Previous commissions include designs for the Bafta, Brits and Comedy Awards, Sir Hardy Amies Royal Couturiers and many exceptional boutiques.

Victoria’s work has been shown on BBC, ITV & S4C, SKY television and theatres.

Nominated for BFIIN Award (British Female Innovator)
Awarded Bronze Medal BIS (British Invention)

Awarded for development of the concept idea of The Everyday Corset - The first modern corset for women of today.

Her flair for invention and innovation has been championed by the Welsh Assembly Government.

If you're looking for that perfect corset then please contact me.

Read more about Victoria Whiteland the Corset Designer.

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The Welsh Designer Show in Cardiff

Feathers Royal Hotel Bridal Fayre and Bridal Fashion Show Feathers Royal Hotel Bridal Fayre and Bridal Fashion Show Feathers Royal Hotel Bridal Fayre and Bridal Fashion Show Feathers Royal Hotel Bridal Fayre and Bridal Fashion Show Feathers Royal Hotel Bridal Fayre and Bridal Fashion Show
Photographer: Andrew Chittock

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16 Top reasons for wearing a corset

Practicality It is unseemly and uncomfortable to flop around under our clothes, a supportive structured solution is necessary.
Back support The improvement of health and comfort
Abdomen support Pre/Post childbirth
Posture Prevents slouching. Promotes habitual good ‘carriage’
Body Maintenance Controls alteration of figure due to ageing
Bust Support Vital. Support is more effective than suspension
Figure reduction Usually 2-3” around waist is reduced. Not achieved by other underwear
Fashion garment Most flattering garment available
Confidence If we look good in our underwear, we will look good in anything – whatever we spend.
Embrace new fashion shape Wanting the perfect figure? A corset can make it happen.
Sexy look Not just a new dress but a new shape. Underwear is essential as the foundation of looking good
Romance As part of bridal wear or honeymoon trousseau.
Fetish wear Benefits couples with fantasy interests.
Medical Support or correction of spine, stomach muscles or post operative support.
Rescue! My fascination with corsets as a health garment began the day my brother arrived home wearing one! Thanks to the corset, he was spared the worst consequences of an injury to the spine during a Rugby match.
Collectors Corsets are a great thing to collect

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Perfect Corset

With over one hundred unique corset patterns and many years of experience we can create a corset for you which we guarantee will be the most flattering for your body shape yet probably the most modern and comfortable you can find.
Specialising in our own modern & effective corset designs we can offer excellent results for anyone needing to achieve body shaping results, supports for people with health needs, or daily corsetry for busy & active lives.
All patterns and designs are unique to Victoria Whiteland Couture.
Our corsets are hand-made to the highest standard of fit and quality in Wales and the UK. This enables me to offer unique bespoke solutions to my customers.

Corset collections by Victoria Whiteland:

  1. Made to Measure - from our popular range of corsets, adapted perfectly for you
  2. Bespoke - working with you to create your dream corset
  3. Haute Couture - unique gowns with hand crafted expertise and embroidery
  4. Ready To Wear - available in select boutiques or from our website
  5. The Everyday Corset - the modern, powerful and lightweight corset for effective daily body shaping

1. Made to Measure

Prices £140 – £280

Beautiful Corsets – hand crafted in satins of almost every colour.

  • Victoria Whiteland Couture Corsetry is widely known for creating body-styling corsets with a shapely, yet natural look.
  • Our own unique patterns ensure that each corset will feel comfortable and flexible for your special day or evening event.
  • We offer a wide choice of corset styles to suit every occasion.
  • Made using traditional techniques, each corset is created with great attention to detail. Over many years I have worked closely with clients to create the look that will work well for them and enable them to make the best of themselves.
  • A reduction in measurement is to be expected, as a result of wearing the corset.
  • We will create the most flattering and stylish corset to suit your special occasion and your physique.
  • Your corset may be decorated to your own taste; embellished with decorative scroll-work or floral designs, beading or lace, in any way you wish.
Satin Corset in Dusky Pink with Box Pleat Decoration and Matching Briefs Bridal Corset Made to Measure in Ivory with Diamante Crystals and Black Velvet Scrollwork White Satin Corset with Jet Beadwork and Velvet Scroll Motifs

2. Bespoke

Prices £150 - £1,000

For your own bespoke corset we have beautiful limited edition designs that will bring elegance to your special occasion.

  • Your choice, if preferred, may also be from any of our most popular styles.
  • Your corset may be as ornate as you wish; come to us with your inspirations - we can create the corset of your dreams. Consultation with the designer is available at no extra cost, we will ensure your hopes and wishes are fully met.
  • Victoria Whiteland has 17 years experience of working closely with her clientele designing unique corsetry, using her experience and modern styling techniques to create stunning silhouettes especially for them.
  • All corsets are designed to feel comfortable and flexible for day long wear, and our specialist pattern-making techniques ensure a natural look while reshaping the figure to one's desire.
  • A reduction in measurement is to be expected, as a result of wearing the corset.
  • A full embroidery service is offered, we can also embroider any motif or design you require as your personal 'signature'.
  • Decorations of beading or lace and other choices of embellishments are also available at your request.
  • Our special evening wear and bridal editions have delicate shoulder capes to add elegance and modesty.

All designs in the bespoke corsetry style range can be made for you using a wide selection of beautiful fabrics; Painted silks, Embroidered Silks, Jaquard Silks, Silk Brocades, Tartans and Tweed... Let your imagination be your guide.

Red Brocade Corset with Jet Beadwork and Lace Unique Victoria Whiteland Coutue Design Corset in Black and Red Silk Silk Corset, Unique Victoria Whiteland Couture Design, in Pale Gold Silk Brocade

3. Haute Couture

£500 - £1,000

Hand made by Victoria Whiteland

  • Sumptuous and ornate, exquisite hand crafted corsets.
  • Sculptural, opulent, each design is singular and unique.

Please contact us below to place an order

Hand Embroidered Silk Corset with Beadwork Antique-gold LeatherCorset, C18th style Reproduction of C18th Corset Hand Embroidered

4. Ready To Wear

Prices £80 - £250
Sizes 8 to 20 (Other sizes available on request)

Victoria Whiteland corsets are desirable; they are known for their shapely, yet natural looking, body-style.

  • Beautifully made, designed to be modern and comfortable, with strength and durability.
  • Our unique patterns ensure that each corset is made to feel natural and flexible for day long comfort.
  • Our expertise is based on 17 years of experience, working with our customers to achieve their requirements.
  • Corsets are carefully constructed using traditional techniques.
  • A reduction in measurement is to be expected as a result of wearing the corset.
  • Satin colours are Powder Pink, Luscious Pink, Snow White, Ivory, and Ebony.
  • Edges are bound with satin.
Pink Satin Short Corset with black velvet rose
cream satin corset fuller figure
full length corset pink with black velvet floral edging

5. The Everyday Corset

Prices from £55.99 +p&p
Sizes 8-20 (Other sizes available on request)

The Everyday Corset is an easy to wear, modern corset that is suitable and appropriate for daily wear.

The Everyday Corset will support and reshape the figure naturally, it is ideal for women wishing to boost their image and enjoy an improved shape without resorting to surgery, or fad dieting. The strongly effective posture support and body-shaping of the unique Everyday Corset is a powerful aid to help you maintain a perfect figure.
This corset won an award.

Alluring and sexy in satin, The Everyday Corset can be worn as underwear or for show as part of a sophisticated style, at home or at work.

Click here to read more about the everyday corset
The Everyday Corset can be purchased via

The Everyday Corset, Pink. The Everyday Corset, Black The Everyday Corset, Black

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Customer Comments

I received my Everyday Corset today, and I am absolutely in love with it. It's comfortable, and I feel so confident in it. And not to mention, this is one of the best priced corsets out there. You do some absolutely beautiful work. Keep it up! - H.C.

Just a quick email to say that I’ve received the corset - I'm wearing it now actually, and it's fantastic! Fingers crossed I'll have the body I've always wanted soon but the corset makes me feel so much more confident already! - C.M.

Congratulations on making such a great product! :) P.P.

I received my corset last week and wore it on an evening out, everyone commented on how ‘trim’ I looked!  After having my baby the tummy is my problem area and the Everyday Corset addresses that very issue.  It is very comfortable to wear and sexy!  I think it’s fantastic.  - S.P.

The corset feels fantastic.  I am wearing it today - my gorgeous figure is back. A.L.

I just wanted to say thank you, the corset arrived in time for my holiday, and it was perfect, I am really pleased. - J.W.

It is rather pretty - S.C.

I'm so excited for this corset! - S.C.

I am getting married and have had trouble finding the right underwear for my dress and this would be perfect plus I could use it again and again! - H.W.

I got my corset, I love it! - P.P.

...and she was saying how thrilled she was with the corset - T.H.

Thanks for the corsets - the black is lovely and the pink is easier to wear under clothes - S.R.

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Oct 2010 -Wearing a Corset – What it feels like!

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Par Excellence Magazine

June 2010 -Victoria Whiteland - Couture Corset Designer - A Life in Stitches

Victoria Whiteland - Couture Corset Designer - A Life in Stitches

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WM Magazine

April 2009 - Wales's leading fashion magazine

Woman’s best friend

Carmarthenshire-based Corsetière Victoria Whiteland has evolutionised the Corset, making it a staple of every modern woman’s wardrobe

Victoria Whiteland is a designer on a mission: she wants to bring the corset kicking and screaming out of the 19th century, and make it something that we 21st-century women can wear on a night out, to the office, on the school run, heck, even to empty the bins.

WM - Womans Corset Woman's Best Friend

Agents and Distributors form in .pdf format read more - page from WM Magazine Spring 09 1.03MB

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Nakeked Wales

November 2007 - Revealing art and design in Wales

My life as a Corsetiere

They are such remarkable inventions - it seems that no other garment has a stronger magic for us...

Our grandmothers knew that wearing corsetry will mould and reshape the figure naturally, supporting the flesh without allowing it to sag. A properly fitted, well constructed corset will give gentle support to
the muscles of the stomach and lumbar region, an additional benefit to the wearer.

My corsets have a job to do; it is beauty and body maintenance

Number One - Naked Wales Magazine My Life as a Corsetiere My Life as a Corsetiere Naked Wales Magazine

Agents and Distributors form in .pdf format read more - Naked Wales Magazine #1 1.85MB

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Carmarthenshire Life

March 2007 - a four page feature on Victoria Whiteland.

The welcome return of the corset

Victoria has taken an historic principle and adapted it in keeping with modern times.

Victoria is clear that what she is about is support and allure - gravity can be unflattering.

Carmarthenshire Life Carmartheshire Life - Victoria Whiteland Carmarthenshire life - Page 14 page 15 - Corset Designer

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January 2007 - New Website Launched

I hope you will enjoy looking around this site of Art, Jewelry, Colour and Fantasy - these are some of the clever and inspirational ideas created by my family and friends. Many of these ideas incorporate new and exciting techniques, some are created to be of benefit to others, some are aspirational or wonderfully imaginative!

Designed & Made to Measure Couture Corsetry on

The Everyday Corset on

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The British Invention Show

October 2006

The British Invention Show logo

VICTORIA WHITELAND is supported by the WALES INNOVATORS NETWORK. This has enabled her to represent Wales with her design INSPIRED BY RUBY at the SALON INTERNATIONAL DES INVENTIONS (des techniques et produits nouveaux) GENEVA and the BRITISH FEMALE INVENTORS AND INNOVATORS NETWORK LONDON SHOW 2006, where “Inspired by Ruby” was nominated for an award.

Thanks to the continued support and encouragement of the Welsh Assembly team WIN, the INSPIRED BY RUBY - Everyday Corset was presented at the BRITISH INVENTION SHOW – LONDON 2006.

The Inspired by Ruby - Everyday Corset won a Bronze medal at the British Invention Show 2006

Show leaflet in .pdf format Please click here to download a copy of the press leaflet [77kb]

The Everyday Corset was shown on the BBC news, S4C (Channel 4 for Wales) and on the Sky website.

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Everyday Corset - Award Winning Design

Inspired by Ruby

Made from lightweight materials and innovative technology it will decrease the waist and flatten the stomach in the same way that a traditional corset would as is available at a much reduced price.

This item brings together advances in technology for the benefit of all women wishing to boost their self esteem and enjoy an improved and sexy shape without resorting to surgery, or fad dieting; an improvement and incentive to achieve change by more realistic means.

Please click here to read more about the Inspired by Ruby - Everyday Corset on this site


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Agents and Distributors

If you wish to apply for an agent or distributor account then please fill in the following form.

Please fill in as much of the form as possible, using n/a where a question is not applicable.

You may fill in the form on your computer and then fax or post the printed form to me.

Agents and Distributors form in .pdf format Please click here to download the "Information Required from Prospective Agents and/or Distributors form" 43kb

Note: To be able to view this .pdf file, you will need the free Adobe Acrobat reader program. Most computers have it installed so it shouldn't be a problem for most.

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Size Forms

These forms are provided in .pdf format so that you can print them out and post them to me.

Female size form in .pdf format Click here to download the Female form 126kb

Male size form in .pdf format Click here to download the Male form 249kb

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Victoria Whiteland

Phone: 079 2000 4321
International: +44 792 000 4321


Victoria Whiteland
Graigina Farmhouse
SA40 9RP
Wales - United Kingdom



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